Review ARC – The Book of Humans by Adam Rutherford

The Book Of Humans

Author – Adam Rutherford

Genre- Popular science, history

Publisher – Weidelfield and Nicolson

Pages- 233

This book does difficult work of making complex topics simpler and interesting at the same time, so that non technical reader may enjoy and learn a lot of things about our past and how it unfolded.

Book describes, latest reserch and scientific knowledge about how our genes and tools evolved us in most successfil species on the planet and why other mammals and ape cousins lagged way behind.

Book is engaging description of how humans used tools, language, teachings, fire and art to conquer the earth and how we became better than our cousin apes and all the mammals, who share many similar genetic features. Their is wonderful description of archeological sites around the world which, led to astonishing discoveries.

After a slow first chapter, book becomes rainbow of fabulous facts about us and animal kingdom. Chapters on sex life of man and animal kingdom is very good with details you will be surprised to know. Book dissects brains of man and other species in parallel. Illustrations that pop out at various points are pleasurable bonus. It also examines psychology of animal behaviour with examples from forest and zoo. It makes one to realise animals are more intelligent than one can imagine.

Thing which one may dislike is complex discussion of genes and genetics and too much Darwin. Also, description of abnormal sexual behaviours in animals may be distracting force for some readers.

Overall, a feast for science and non fiction lovers with a lot of new information but little complex nodes in between. Book may be little complex than sapiens, but has lot of information that you may have never come across.

Truly, book of humans.

Rating- 4/5

Thanks to publishers and author for Advance review copy provided for a honest review.


Review The Girl in Room 105

Review 6 – The girl in room 105

Author -Chetan Bhagat,

Publisher-Westland books,

304 pages,

Genre- thriller

A book is good, if it is enjoyable. CB ( Chetan Bhagat) has expertise in sprinkling humour over main theme of the story. At some points humour seems forced, but at other points reader will giggle.

This work is simple, engaging, tickling and full of interesting characters. Theme hovers around two amateur and accidetal detectives, who risk everything in search of truth. It keeps reader engaged and builds up nicely. Reader will like investigations and details of contemporary India.

Book touches complex political issues but only at surface and tries to stand free of controversy. Undertones have familiar sociopolitical struggles which come up and vanish, when story again takeover.

Immersed brand advertising is distraction and at one or two points story stagnates. Nobody wants undercover ads to pop out at places. And again come up after few pages.

Avid thriller readers might not get a kick out of it.๐Ÿ˜ They will predict ending and will say few of details were imperfect. Characters are too typical and behave erratically at points to justify the storyline. Each clue appears too easily, for our protagonist to latch upon. And, surprisingly all characters in the book have increased libido.

overall, another typical Cb bestseller, which one can pickup anytime and enjoy.

Rating – 4/5 ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ

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Review. My Mute Girlfriend

Author – Himanshu Rai

Publisher – Shristhi publishers.


208 pages

This is work of fiction which focuses on love story of two engineering students who get trapped into deep turbulence in their life. Events unfold in such a way that they find themselves in situation, which demands great courage to get back on track.

This is a very simple read with very little strain on mind of the reader. Although you miss dose of humour, which India paperback authors like Chetan Bhagat provide.

Story is predictable throughout with college life depiction, which has already been tapped by many authors active in our times. So you tend to miss novelty at a lot of places.

But author has formatted the story in a meaningful way. Last one third of book has power to touch raw nerves of reader with emotions outpoured in abundance. Climax salvages the story which somehow appears too predictable.

Few of the acts by characters seem to be artificial and few like, entering school in night which is, somehow left open for anybody to visit and remember their old days. Also leaving family marriage event for evening stroll.

Author has been succesfull in evoking emotions which teens would like. Themes may seem familiar but last part gets better.

Overall nice book for romance genre fans.

Rating. 3/5

Review Dream chasers by Uta Schmidt

Author – Uta Schmidt

Advance review copy




This book by Uta Schmidt is, concise work which aims to deliver pearls of wisdom from the lives of 9 great leaders of our time and aims to provide wisdom for common beings, who are facing their own difficult curves of life.

Book is divided into nine chapters and uses interviews of leaders and their books to decipher, how they thrived in the times of personal disasters.
Book is easy to read, simple and enjoyable most of the time. Anybody who has interest in theology and biographies will like this one to read.

Parts describing Nelson Mandela, Andrew White, William Paul young and Desmond Tutu are best segments and are quite insightful and enjoyable.
Other parts are at points, slow and appear stretched and you tend to feel good again when chapters on Andrew white and Paul Young start.

Anybody with scientific mind might feel unattached to areas of book describing visions and callings. If you are looking for a pure self help book, this one has lots of theology in it.
Overall it’s a nice read with its own difficult pages, interspersed with very good parts.

In last author describes, what has to be learnt from great people and how we can apply their advice in our daily lives.

#Uta Schmidt#netgalley

Rating 3/5

Book review- The Altitude Journal

Bio- David Mauro, Plaid Vermin publishers, 2017, 456 pages , travel and adventure.

There are few books that cling to you and let go, only when you have listened to them, all the way to last page. This book by david Mauro is fast, interesting, easy on mind and eyes and heart warming account of his pursuit, of conquering the seven tallest summits arount the world. In his own language , he is trying to catch his own tail througout and has a wish, that he should never catch it permanently.

Brief sumnary – Author a finance planner has many problems which life has thrown upon him. Unable to gather courage and determination to be face to face with them, author seeks redemption elsewhere. A way which will provide him with feeling of accomplishment, which may be shared by society and his loved ones. He then sets out on adventure of a lifetime, with the help and encouragement of his soulmates.
Battered by the life and unable to justify his existence, author sets out on a mission, he never considered in past. He chooses to walk the path, that attracts him subconsciously. He calls it, his calling.

Book describes all the events, in a enjoyable way, with pauses which analyse meaning of life and lots of interesting facts about mounteering. Reader will love self reflections of the author, along the way. He is able to touch complex topics, without being complicated. He has bloggers charisma to attach to his reader.

Accounts of papua guinea and Everest, are highlights of the book. They are informative and engaging. All other summits provide lovely insights into varied cultures

Recommended for all adult age groups and genre lovers. Photographs of author along the journey, enrich the reader’s experience. Lovely book which you will enjoy, as simple as that.

Remembering back and lots of characters to draw inspiration from. A lot of role models appear, during the pursuit.

Only drawback I noticed was, subconscious advertising of gatorade and starbucks and few descriptions of toilets during expeditions. There are few instances where you feel, story has touch of hollywood love stories. Love story of the author has elements of movie like imagination.

I will strongly recommend book to all non fiction and adventure lovers. I would have loved if book had more photographs.
My rating is 4/5

The Stranger by Albert Camus


Vintage International

Pages 123

First published 1946

Nano plot –

This is about a socially withdrawn man, who gets a call about death of his mother. After that point, series of events leads him to a pebelled path. Accidentally he commits a crime, which puts his life and into vicious spiral.

Author has imprinted each character very beautifully and reader feels than he can feel each emotion Meaursalt (main character) feels.

Depiction of emotions and mind chatter is realistic.

Story examines fate of an accused, who somehow becomes neglected part of the whole process. Many times you cannot choose your fate but you can choose how you react.

There is also deep emotions and many unanswered questions, which does not feel bad.

Good classic short novella, which is highly recommended.

Rating– 4๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ/5


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