Review- The personal MBA by Joshua Kaufman #penguinbooks

Title- The personal MBA

Author- Joshua Kaufman

Pages- 430

Genre- self finance, self help

Publisher- Penguin books

My Rating- 4/5


There are so many self help books on personal finance. Few are centered around a single concept. Few are holistic and try to cover many basic principles. This is one of holistic works.

It has such breadth that it needs multiple readings to absorb useful things.

It is a collection of insights.
Ideas simplified, segregated, wrapped with a familiar cozy stories. Which are easy to understand and ingest like a dessert at the end of the day.

Book is Full of wriggling ideas which appear on every page.

It has a lot of Rolf dobelli in it who has written book on hidden biases. ( Art of thinking clearly).

Thete is a lot of indights from famous business books.
There is financial jargon simplified like balance sheet, overhead, simulation, friction reduction, prototyping, leverage, funding, sustainability, debt and many more things that always scared you.

Definitely everything here is accumulated wisdom from many books author has read.

Book is written in very interesting way. Rudicules professional MBA degree.

Divided into sections like dealing with yourself, dealing with others, getting better, improving systems.

There is a lot of psychology on these pages.
Few things you might have already read; but there is a heap of fresh new stuff to learn.

Thing that is not good is a bit of repetition of concepts which reappear and get entangled with each other so frequently.

An idea may appear in multiple chapters in new forms.

These books with entertaining narrative and information will always remain in business.

This is a book that should be more famous.

It hurts to see Mark Msnson’s books selling more.

This one is much more useful than those F books.

Share your views when you read it.

Book review The made in India manager by R. Gopalakrishnan #hachette #management

Title- The made in India manager

Author- R Gopalakrishnan And Banerjee

Pages- 194

Genre- Management and self help

Publisher- Hachetteindia

My rating – 3.5/5


In last few years we have seen more and more Indian CEOs rising to the helm of International companies.

Satya Nadella (#microsoft), Sundar pichai (#google), Shantanu Narayan (#adobe), Rajeev Suri (#nokia) to name a few.

This book tries to decipher Indian manager.

What makes them unique.
Why they adapt quickly?
Why they succeed in new lands?

To do that authors explore History of Indian Management milieu, famous CEos of past and Indian culture which installs few good qualities to these elite few.

Scarcity of resources, command on English and natural hierarchy of an Indian family teaches resilience and patience to Indian managers.
One drawback is that it lacks prigmatism. It is not ased on facts. It is not sourced from well deined references.

It is observation and reflections of he experienced authors.

All arguments May not be with scientific backing and many are authors personal observations and derivations.

About writing-
Writing is simple, structured, engaging and even mildly enjoyable. Especially real world examples and history of Indian management is interesting.

New nanagers

There is new crop of restless and saltatory managers born near 1990s ;who are volatile and high on confidence with technology on their sleeves;

♾️ but they are considerably disadvataged while facing setbacks.

A good book by @hachetteindia

I am motivated to read , The biography of innovation and The case of bonsai manager written by the author.

Review- #crimesofgrindelwald by #jkrowling #screenplay. #bookblogger

Title- Crimes of Grindelwald

Author- J k Rowling

Genre- Fantasy, screenplay

Pages- 277
.My rating – 3/5

Another screeplay.
It’s a kind of peculiar feeling.
To say whether I like to read screenplays.
They are so rigid and revel things partially.
A lot is left to imagination.
And when you watch the movie; then only we know real impact of that scene.


.They lack elements of sarcasm and introspection by characters.
.Story is less engaging than first part of Newt Scamander’s book.
It is also less funny.Little more complicated.But it was nice to read about Hogwarts and Dumbledore again.

Another story revolving around complex family tree and complex relationship between two lovers..Grindelwald shows politics of radicalisation.In guise of freedom he makes followers to disrupt harmony of the wizarding World.He uses propaganda for that. Some hint of Nazism visible in it.

Credence risking his life only to know his family tree is boggling. Instead of focussing on his extremely powerful energg he is miserable to find his mothers name.Fight scenes are well written.I thought this part will end with Grindelwald’s loss but it is a long story.

It will take its time.
Characters have been defined now story has to flow through stuttering routes to its end.
Not as enchanting as Harry Potter books; but still it has wonderful specks of imagination.

And it has traces of those 7 books; as polyjuice potion, Hogwarts, Dumbledore and elder wand appear in scheme of things.
What are your thoughts if you have read this one.

Sea prayer ; #bookreview #an art book or #poetry #bloomsbury

Title- Sea Prayer

Author- Khaleed housseni

Pages – 50 lines

Publisher- Bloomsbury

My Rating – 4/5

QOTD- ❓ Smallest book you have read?
If you price a book by number of words it has, it is very nano sized book.
🏵️🏵️🏵️ May be just 50 lines long poem.
Yes 50 lines long.



1. It has nice illustrations.

2. It’s colourful and has good quality paper, hence it is costly.

3. It is touching but too short to touch hearts. It touches because we know story of unfortunate angel Alan Kurdi who suffered during this refugee crisis.




It is a collector’s copy.
Not big.
But big at heart.
A little bit overpriced.
But we can neglect that as it feels so good in bookshelf.
And it contributes to UN refugee efforts.

#unesco #un #who #immigrants#refugee #nationalism #liberals#geopolitics

Book review- The Altitude Journal

Bio- David Mauro, Plaid Vermin publishers, 2017, 456 pages , travel and adventure.

There are few books that cling to you and let go, only when you have listened to them, all the way to last page. This book by david Mauro is fast, interesting, easy on mind and eyes and heart warming account of his pursuit, of conquering the seven tallest summits arount the world. In his own language , he is trying to catch his own tail througout and has a wish, that he should never catch it permanently.

Brief sumnary – Author a finance planner has many problems which life has thrown upon him. Unable to gather courage and determination to be face to face with them, author seeks redemption elsewhere. A way which will provide him with feeling of accomplishment, which may be shared by society and his loved ones. He then sets out on adventure of a lifetime, with the help and encouragement of his soulmates.
Battered by the life and unable to justify his existence, author sets out on a mission, he never considered in past. He chooses to walk the path, that attracts him subconsciously. He calls it, his calling.

Book describes all the events, in a enjoyable way, with pauses which analyse meaning of life and lots of interesting facts about mounteering. Reader will love self reflections of the author, along the way. He is able to touch complex topics, without being complicated. He has bloggers charisma to attach to his reader.

Accounts of papua guinea and Everest, are highlights of the book. They are informative and engaging. All other summits provide lovely insights into varied cultures

Recommended for all adult age groups and genre lovers. Photographs of author along the journey, enrich the reader’s experience. Lovely book which you will enjoy, as simple as that.

Remembering back and lots of characters to draw inspiration from. A lot of role models appear, during the pursuit.

Only drawback I noticed was, subconscious advertising of gatorade and starbucks and few descriptions of toilets during expeditions. There are few instances where you feel, story has touch of hollywood love stories. Love story of the author has elements of movie like imagination.

I will strongly recommend book to all non fiction and adventure lovers. I would have loved if book had more photographs.
My rating is 4/5