Review book Trick mirror by Jia Tolentino #essays #politics #feminism #bookblogger

Title- Trick mirror

Author- Jia Tolentino

Publisher- HarperCollins

Pages- 320

Genre- Essays

My Rating- 4/5




Essays are generally serious, less enjoyable, informative and slowly flowing pieces of writing.

But they always deal with important stuff.

This book is not for leisure readers. It needs your full attention and patience and humility to let it confuse you for long stretches of time before something palatable comes around.

If I wanted to summarise it, it is strong feminism by a seasoned journalist who is particularly repulsive to present nationalism and political scene in USA.


Things that I found good for an average reader-

1. seven scams of last decades are very interesting to read and best part of book according to me.

2. lots of literature. Relationship of women and literature and marriage and literature is deeply explored. You go through lots of book summaries while reading this book.

3. Effects of internet on life and history of recreational drug ecstasy is interesting.
.4. Exploration of institute of marriage and its cost benefit ratio is intriguing.


What I didn’t like-

You must be aware of all reality shows, big scandals, books and english music to get hang of everything.

Any paparazzi buff will be aware of all the stuff in those pages.

And book is complex and stretched at many places. Not easy on mind on those times.

Overall a decent nonfiction read which conveys strong voice of Millenial revolting feminism.






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