Book review The made in India manager by R. Gopalakrishnan #hachette #management

Title- The made in India manager

Author- R Gopalakrishnan And Banerjee

Pages- 194

Genre- Management and self help

Publisher- Hachetteindia

My rating – 3.5/5


In last few years we have seen more and more Indian CEOs rising to the helm of International companies.

Satya Nadella (#microsoft), Sundar pichai (#google), Shantanu Narayan (#adobe), Rajeev Suri (#nokia) to name a few.

This book tries to decipher Indian manager.

What makes them unique.
Why they adapt quickly?
Why they succeed in new lands?

To do that authors explore History of Indian Management milieu, famous CEos of past and Indian culture which installs few good qualities to these elite few.

Scarcity of resources, command on English and natural hierarchy of an Indian family teaches resilience and patience to Indian managers.
One drawback is that it lacks prigmatism. It is not ased on facts. It is not sourced from well deined references.

It is observation and reflections of he experienced authors.

All arguments May not be with scientific backing and many are authors personal observations and derivations.

About writing-
Writing is simple, structured, engaging and even mildly enjoyable. Especially real world examples and history of Indian management is interesting.

New nanagers

There is new crop of restless and saltatory managers born near 1990s ;who are volatile and high on confidence with technology on their sleeves;

♾️ but they are considerably disadvataged while facing setbacks.

A good book by @hachetteindia

I am motivated to read , The biography of innovation and The case of bonsai manager written by the author.

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