Sea prayer ; #bookreview #an art book or #poetry #bloomsbury

Title- Sea Prayer

Author- Khaleed housseni

Pages – 50 lines

Publisher- Bloomsbury

My Rating – 4/5

QOTD- ❓ Smallest book you have read?
If you price a book by number of words it has, it is very nano sized book.
🏵️🏵️🏵️ May be just 50 lines long poem.
Yes 50 lines long.



1. It has nice illustrations.

2. It’s colourful and has good quality paper, hence it is costly.

3. It is touching but too short to touch hearts. It touches because we know story of unfortunate angel Alan Kurdi who suffered during this refugee crisis.




It is a collector’s copy.
Not big.
But big at heart.
A little bit overpriced.
But we can neglect that as it feels so good in bookshelf.
And it contributes to UN refugee efforts.

#unesco #un #who #immigrants#refugee #nationalism #liberals#geopolitics

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