#Hpmagicalreadathon Completed all 7 books of #harrypotter @bloomsbury

Books- 7

Harry Potter series

Publisher- Bloomsbury

Genre- Fantasy



story is a strange thing; and it is also so alive and propgating. And a great story is almost immortal.
It keeps flowing from one brain to other and in process alters course of history and gives birth to many new stories.

This is such a story. The most powerful story of last two decades.

Actually it is not a single story, it is Rainbow of many stories.
There is story of Dumbledore,
story of Severus Snape ( My favourite character, bravest character in the story),

story of Darco Malfoy ( who became better with time),

story of Hagrid ( Good giant) ,

stiry of Surius Black ( Godfather of harry),

story of Remus Lupin ( patronus man),

story of Neville Longbottom ( Almost the chosen one),

story of Voldemort ( most fascinating of all.)

Each story a masterpiece in itself; but when these stories are woven together by master knitter results are more astonishing than any of stories told in isolation.

Story has layers over layer and as reader perlocates slowly into deep layers; he becomes obsessed to imbibe every word, every page, every character, every magic and every turn.

Result is a very enjoyable readathon – #hpmagicalreadathon. hosted by @booksdreamsandbutterflies and @thetedheadedbibliomaniac

After 3407 pages, 7 books and 98 days it finally concludes.
Thanks to other friends participating in readathon and for sticking till end.









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