Review Finding Chika by #mitchalbom Published by #harpercollinsin #earc

Title- Finding Chika

Author- Mitch Albom

Publisher- HarperCollins

Pages- 256

Genre- nonfiction

My Rating – 4/5

Mitch Albom is a very special author for me. It was his book that made me enter fascinating world of nonfiction books around 5 years ago. I read about his book in second nonfiction book; I ever read out of school courses.

“Tuesdays with Morrie”; stayed around long after I had finished it. What followed was fascinating journey through literature which has now stabalised at Instagram and my blog.

Finding with chika is a sensitive book. It carries delicate prose of Albom. It is written right from the heart.

It is a close account of a fight against an intruder that has penetrated in to skull of a little cute orphan girl ; who has not even recovered from aftermaths of poverty in her country Haiti and then a devastating earthquake.
Story is realistic and picks fine pearls of human relationships. Shows how stranger can become meaning and purpose of somebody’s life.

It also shows hiw efforts work even in most hopeless situations. Even grave situations carry some positive rays. It allows love and belonging and gratitude to flower.
Book contains pictures of Chika which makes deep impact on the mind of the reader.

Her journey with journey if Mitch couple is inspiring and emotional.

I was very happy to find mention about Morrie Schwartz in the book. There is full chapter on him. It connects back to first book by the author.


A very good memoir which describes in fine detail how a disease affects more than a sufferer. It also damages everyone in love with the person whom illness engulfs. Mortality datas and morbidity datas are underrepresentation of actual extent of damage by a disease.

.Disease is more wide spread than what is visible.

. Highly recommend for readers who want to dwell around human relationships.


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