#review of ARC , A desolation called peace By #harpercollinsin

Title- A desolation called peace

Author- Many journalist and authors

Pages – 266

Genre – Political history, essays

Publisher- HarperCollins publishers

Finally completed it. It is a very difficult book. It was hard to read or enjoy or comprehend or even complete. It was tough for me to complete it.

At start I will like to clarify that I have only basic knowledge of Kashmir issue; that too from secondary sources; so I am not in position to judge various opinions cited in the book. I will only comment mainly about writing of the book and its readability.


First of all it is starkly anti Indian union and Anti Indian army. That makes it extremely hard read for a patriotic Indian citizen.

It is written by group of eminent journalists and authors who have firm belief in integrity and astuteness of neighbour country and its insurgency in kashmir. They have tried to focus on Kashmiri people. Authors have deep faith in their knowledge about ground realities in Jammu and Kashmir.



And there is a former militant turned human rights activist also in it; detailing armed revolt in State around 1990.

Alongwith concept and pretense; writing is very erratic. People writing their personal biography mashed with history; that is moulded according to their vision.


Only thing that I can see in a bright light is; glimpse into history of beautiful state and how events unfolded under multiple influences prevailing in the state.


Writing is so dark, negative and non coherent that cover of the book is only bright thing in it. Themes are deeply negative and balanced opinions expected from intellectuals are non existent.

There is a theme throughout where author starts with 1947 and Dogra rule. Then he finds instances where he can find faults of Indian State for everything happening in the State with no comments about role played neighborhood country.

Only one shade is used to paint every page of the book. But at the end book fails to deliver any message or solution to the complex problem.

It is very tough to recommend it but you may pick it to get some historical events of Kashmir.

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  1. My heart is with the people of Kashmir. I’ve visited there, have friends there and my heart breaks for them. I had not heard of this book until now and will get it immediately. Thank you.


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