Review – Peerless minds by #PritishNandy. By #harpercollinsin

Title – Peerless minds

Author- Pritish Nandy

Pages – 540

Publisher – HarperCollins publishers India

Genre – Biographies and interviews

My rating – 4/5


There are few legends among us, who slowly became legends from normal beings and even after they have achieved greatness; they still keep striving to be at higher realms of greatness.

This book lets you have a personal encounter with such greats and to have briefl glimpse into their great minds.

In the process there are great insights and lessons to gain here .
Book is divided into chapters with each interview in few pages.
At the start there is adorable picture of personality. Then comes their background right from the time when they were like you and me. Then comes their views on very important aspects of life. Then comes contemporary circumstances and how they envision our life in future.
I liked interviews of Satya nadella, Ratan Tata, Sir V S Nsipaul, Sir Salman Rushdie, Dr Udwadia and Mr Irfan Habib.

Interviews of Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and Javed Akhtar didn’t carry much new information.

Interviews are professional ; consice, crisp and inquisitive. They reveal more than legends would have liked to reveal. But Pritish Nandy and others touch depths of their psyche frequently.
What I didn’t like there being deliberate attempt to introduce politics everywhere. In particular there is subtle criticism of RSS and Modi at certain points.
. Businessmen and non political celebrities have wonderfully evaded sensitive questions very intelligently.
I dont understand how Devdutt Patnaik could make to this elite list. Anybody who does not read mythology, he is just another name.
A Very good collection of interviews and there is a lot of information about how great minds respond to difficult questions.


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