Review ,”Where the man will take us”. By Atul Jalan #review#penguinindia

Title- Where the man will take us

Author- Atul Jalan

Publisher- Penguin portfolio

Genre- nonfiction, technology

Pages- 272

My rating- 3/5





QOTD- ❓ Do you prefer honest review or sugar coated review of each book?
This book is flooding bookstagramindia for last two weeks and being nonfiction reader I spontaneously ordered it. It has awesome cover and feel when you hold it.

Everybody is praising it, but I would like to put forward my personal opinion, so that you may get a wholesome idea about it.
1. It has shadow of #yuvalnoahharari book #homodeus. Parts on #AI and future, dataism, driverless car and ethics, deep blue, AI and jobs appear familiar.

What he has portrayed and discussed , we have already read in Harari’s book. There is compilation of important events in the field of technology in various areas.

2. It is written with US readers in mind with very less space dedicated to Indian context. There is Trump, his inauguration, 2016 Us elections, Hillary, Obama and US cimema and silicon valley.
.Basic soul of book is not there for Indian reader. You have to understand USA and Europe to feel at home.


3. Author assumes reader to be semi- expert in all sci-fi series, Hollywood movies, mathemetics, Europen arts, basic physics and lots of philosophy books.

He uses names of obscure philosophers and mathematicians like they are hero of a marvel movie.

I was not aware of many names mentioned.

4. Repitition of things like CRISPR, Moore, Kurzweil and nanobots.

Few facts are explained two or three times.

5. At points becomes little too technical like Maths and art, periodic table, astronomy.
These chapters could easily be ommited to keep book focussed.

6. There is a long poem, somewhere which is not too great. It was totally unnecessary.

What I liked-

I liked chapters on fake news, blockchain and nanotechnology. They are simplified and useful for general readers. These are highlights of the book.

He has successfully simplified and explained these facets of technology.

Overall nice book considering it covers relevant and practical topics which are going to affect us in coming years.
I would have liked to see chapter on how man is affecting ecological balance in place of chapter on mathematics; because that is where man is actually taking us- to ecological catastrophe.
I congratulate @atuljalan for very good nonfiction book and thank @penguinbooks for publishing it.
I hope for bright writing future for the author.


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