Review#of love and other demons by #Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Title- Of love and other demons

Author- Gabo
Pages- 160
Genre- fiction

My rating 4/5





Hi friends,

This is Gabo @gabrielgarciamarquez this time with his #magicalrealism.
This is my second #gabo book after #100yearsofsolitude both published by #penginbooks.

This book is about love which can sprout in most unpredictable circumstances and about love ve which can rot in a corner of neglected relationships.

Marquez and his wife are in disillusionment about their aging marriage and right then to exacerbate their poor destiny a rabid dog bites their daughter Maria; who bears the burden of this small bite on ankle throughout the story.


Burden is heavier than rabies. It is burden of dogma, taboo, demons, forced faith and unexpressed truths of human psyche.
Story is written in his masterful, effortless prose.

When he say someone walking in ankle deep sewer you can smell it and when he describes bones of oxen in front of rusty factory, you can imagine it; unbearably close.

Book is small, can be read in two days and a good one to converse with master writer who has won #nobelprize in literature.

Finally bishop appoints able 36 years old priest to exort demons out of Maria.
.Garcia got inspiration for Story while he was covering as a journalist unearthing of few graves in church and in which was discovered a female skull with very long hair about four body lenghts of a normal girl.
This started a great book.
It also puts light on how uneducated may misinterpret #rabies.
Role of books and #literature in life of characters is also depicted.

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