Review #everything is f*cked by #markmanson

Title- Everything is f*cked

Author- Mark Manson

Publisher- HarperCollins

Pages- 236

Genre- self-help

My rating- 3/5






I am a bit disappointed with this book. I spend whole weekend reading it but it is not like his previous book.


1. If you have read Daniel kahneman, Nassim Taleb, Yuval harari, Rolf dobelli and Nietzsche then most of the things would be already read by you.

2. Book has Mark’s typical storytelling and humour and loads of F vocabulary. But in between long passages to repeat same thing gets boring too frequently.

3. There are same themes; Auschwitz, a rare medical condition, boring psychological research description, Einstein and splaying of Facebook, Netflix and Twitter.

4. I wonder if it has highest number of F vocabulary per page. It can work for one book, but not everytime.

. Author tries to fill pages by repetitive and useless commentary and discussion about hope and human psychology.

Part explaining human thinking are very well explained in book of Daniel Kahneman ‘”Thinking fast and slow.”


Then Kant and Nietzsche feature in the book throughout.

And then it is turn of Einstein. Same old self help scaffold which pitches in famous greats to validate their theory.

And after reading book what exactly is the message is not clear. You cannot make out if hope is good or bad.

Also you get confused if you should dare to hope or not.

Life Stories of great scientists are narrated in a manner as if Mark was present on the spot with a camera.

At one point he even writes Nietzsche sees a cow and cow swats a fly with its tail. Too dramatized and too fishy.

Due to hype of last books success their was a lot of expectation building around this one but this book failed to live upto it.

Very ordinary book with content which is already well circulated and widely known.

It amazes me how after single successful book authors reap long term benefits and this may also become bestseller even after being mediocre, boring and ordinary.

I recommend if you want quality writing read author mentioned in point 1 of my review.




    1. But catchy title, good publisher and old success may still make it a bestseller. All bestsellers are not necessarily great and vice versa. πŸ™

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    1. I am not an expert. I just know one thing that if you read books you like it is easier to read more books. More you read, more you can discuss with book community. πŸ‘

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