Things I don’t like about #Instagram#hashtags


Hi friends,


This time popping algorithm was launched in October, 2010 by Mike and Kevin on Steve Jobs costly phone’s app Store for sharing photos in our free time.

.Then it came to Android and when it became really fat and hot, Mark Zuckerberg scooped it with billion dollars and put new clothes on it every 6 to 12 months.


It kept changing its makeup but it’s soul remained same. And so did all the faults that I see in its eyes.


Like average human being alive today with an average IQ , I became addicted to its dopamine inducing likes and I now spend about 1-2 hours a days grazing in its vast expanses.


I usually scratch it’s bookstagram wing and happy to have so many lovely books and friends there.

.But it is not perfect like every creation.


Here I am listing things which are not fair according to me and need some change, to make this algorithm more human and less dumb.


.1. Graveyard of old photos

It is always the scenario that a picture comes up and it gets lots of likes for a day. Then it is forgotten by everyone. It is there like a green vegetable in your garden. You never touch it, nobody else also.

If some superstar instagramner hosts a giveaway or something, occassionally unsuspecting new player may stumble upon them.

But largely they stay below surface, nobody has time to dig them out and love them.

And this bulk of neglected photos keep accumulating.

.There could be some mechanism to make these visible.




2. Spears through heart –

By this I mean, a very tragic phenomenon.

You started your page, clicked photos which you believed will kill any professional photographer, research on whole bag of hashtags, post it at optimal time and wait like a hound hidden in next bush eagerly waiting for its pray.

Your eyes turn in to stone but likes stay in single digit.

And then there are pages with zero posts and thousands of followers.

How could an algorithm do that.



3. Too much distraction –


If an average human being who drinks and consumes alcohol lives for 55 years, you got to spend sort of 40% of time to be a minor success on Instagram.

You got to like photos, you got to comment on posts, you got to see stories, you got to write an caption and you got to reply to comments.

It needs time and focus and dedication.

Too much energy, if you spare you could climb Everest in next five years.

That is too much energy compared to what you may achieve.


.4. Hashtag are killers

It’s all about hashtags. You may create very nice content but it will wriggle on the floor if you choose wrong hashtags

That is not great, or hashtags should reach more number of followers and should remain alive for more than 6 hours which they generally survive.

.And if you edit them after posting, algorithm becomes non-responsive to your post.

And it says, go and post a new photo.



5. It’s costly man

No body wants to see a blurry image of a blurry face of a blurry personality like me.

You need high ends megapixel intoxicated cameras in some costly background like mall or hotel with costly accessories.

And it makes one furious with repeated requests for promoting your photos on Instagram, which literally mean paying for getting hypothetical endorphin shots which last for few minutes.

One exhausted you know it was not worth it. It has to be natural like to make your heart flutter, promoted likes are like a failed plastic surgery.





6. Attention span killer –

There were times when a young boy could see one lecture of a great man, get inspired by it and keep that in his head and soul for whole of the life. That is impossible if you talk about Instagram

.When your brain which is highly addiction susceptible, get out of tea and coffee addiction, you get trapped in the addiction of likes. You might have passed your exams and got yourself a trip, but it is useless as too few people have liked it on Instagram.

Immediate gratification mode is initiated into our circuits and happiness becomes an ever fleeting excercise which becomes ever elusive with passing time.


I wish something could be modified. So that it becomes less time intensive to share on Instagram and becomes less Time consuming.

.Mark, make it simple and stupid man.

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