Review – Book of the moon by #Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock

Title- Book of the moon

Author- Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock

eARC #edelweissplus#space#moon

Genre- Nonfiction, reference, space

Publisher- Abrams books

This book is dedicated to our ever-present neighbour moon. Moon has great impact on our culture. From centuries civilizations have derived many benefits from this closest celestial neighbour.

Moon is visible when we watch sky, read books, watch movies, see calenders, see tides, see museums, see old inscription or even when we travel to see old structures.

Book is divided into sections past, present and future of moon.

Book gives a lot of interesting facts and science behind space exploration and phenomenon related to moon like tides, eclipse, supermoon, bloodmoon, mooncraters, moon composition, moon landings etc.
There is wonderful description of space expeditions related to moon. Illustrations are there to make things simpler.

I enjoyed description of places, poems, work of art and folktales related to moon.
Book is extensive and enjoyable but goes a little deep on physics details which are of no interest to an amateur reader. At places their are tables and data which are only to be glanced and forgotten.
Details of telescope, moons craters, mountains and mechanism of eclipses are just for reference and may be skipped superficially. Details of surface craters of moon and composition of moon are heavy to read.
I enjoyed seeing places described in book in google images.
Details of Gallelio, copernicus, newton, space programs, space treaty are enjoyable.

Future programs related to moon are mentioned. Potential resources available on moon especially helium3 is fascinating to discover.

I came to knew about rare facts like dark side of moon and slow departure of moon from Earth.

I recommend book for science buffs who like to have real hard science.

It arouses curiosity about space and also satisfies it simultaneously.


Thanks to #Abramsbooks and #edelweissplus for review copy in exchange of honest review.

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