Review – The Bestseller by Robert McParland

Title- The Bestseller

Publisher- Rowman and Littlefield

Pages- 336



Genre- Books, history.

This one is a reference book. It details all bestsellers in USA in last 100 years, along with reflection on how readers choice evolved over the years.

What genre produced most frequent bestsellers and which writers ruled the charts of Newyork times list and publishers weekly and recently amazon’s book list.
Author has intelligently mixed significant historical events in USA during last 100 years which definitely affected few of bestsellers and genres to evolve. It keeps reading the book interesting.

Books and ebooks bestsellers lists were dominated by few brand of successful authors like Stephan King, John ghrism, James Patterson and Sheldon.
Every aspiring author and booklover searching for next bestseller should read it. It is sort of reference book, so you can read it slowly, in bits and parts and revisit again and again.
This may give few insights into how a bestseller is produced and who championed the bestseller formula.
Thing which can be disliked is, lots of books and authors, who you have never heard about and their traces are erased off public conscience completely and you have to wait for familiar title and author to pop out so that you regain interest.
But one book of its kind and I found around 25 bestsellers I want to read next year.
Thanks author, netgalley and publisher for eARC for a honest review.

My rating- 3.5/5

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