Best books he read in 2018; according to Bill Gates

Hi friends,

Recently Bill Gates shared his best 5 books read in 2018.

I am happy that I have read at least one of them.


I wish to read all these books because they are fascinating when we hear buzz online around them. Especially “Educated” and “Bad Blood” are definitely on my TBR.


I wanted you to have a look at the list and find your next bestread.

And feel good if you have already read them.


1. 21 lessons for 21 St century by Harari

This work of nonfiction continues unique style of author with particular focus on recent events around the world. Book has soul of sapiens with dates applied are from last decade.

2. Educated by Tara Westover

Account in a masterful prose, of struggle to achieve impossible with sheer self determination.

Talented book by talented author.


3. Bad blood by John Carreyrou


Author who is WSJ journalist explores the fraud of a startup which promised so much but it was not a working product. ” Thermos” , a health startup got exposed by author and also it’s charismatic CEO.



4. Army of none by Paul Scharre

This book by military weapons expert evaluates autonomous weapons, their research, future, ethical points and their effect on humans.

Different sort of nonfiction but definitely very important.



5. The headspace guide to mindfulness and meditation.

Author who turned Buddhist monk to gain access to wisdom of meditation returns to UK in 2004 and sets up Headspace.

This is a guide about mindfulness especially for busy modern lives.


Friends, I have read only one book out of these and no copyright impingement is intended.

I am sharing two lines about them from their Amazon profile

This post shares great books that great people read.


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