Review- The messy joys of being human by Helen S Rosenau


Author- Helen S Rosenbaum

Publisher- Riverview

Pages- 264

Genre- Self help

This is self help book that provides motherly advice and guidance from acclaimed columnist Helen, who has nice blend of both East and West cultures.


Being a jew and immigrant, she recounts her life in childhood and youth and struggles she endured.

Book touches almost all aspects of our life from health to job to marriage and religion. There is something for everyone and breadth of book is staggering.



I liked chapter on death as the highlight of the book; but I have to underline few little slow phases in between really good chapters. Book loses flow at certain points only to regain it around next turn.


There is wisdom from her jew religion and buddhism.

Mention of lots of books and contemporary examples make read interesting and their are very few scientific jargons. Few analogies used like Phantom limb, frog in hot water are frequently read in other nonfiction books.

I liked the book and wish it had more of flow in first half.


But a different self help guide for middle age readers, from their not so boring grandmother.


My rating 3.5/5



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