Review – Natural causes by Barbra Ehrenreich

Book- Natural Causes

Author- Barbra Ehrenreich

Publisher- Granta books

This is book about ageing in a healthy way, our illusion of control over our body and discussions about possible benefits and harms of health fads.

Author dissects the concept of healthy ageing and loopholes in all the healthy stuff we do to delay our death.


Author touches deep on topics like screening tests, gyms,medical gadgets,dieting, yoga, life support and all the fads around the world.



She ends up somehow supporting carefree lifestyle not poking too much into your body if you feel grossly well.
Also underlines that we have very less control on our body and its cells.
Book also explores autonomy of our cells.

Book has lots of historical examples of how a particular health fads started and grew. And how it finally appeared to have only marginal benefits.

There is also a lot of reflection on the fragility and unpredictability of life and one could die of one cell going mad in your body.

It’s very complex and deep even if you are a doctor or biology student. Deep exploration makes book heavy. But it’s breadth is comforting and reader learns a lot.

A new perspective for new generation who hopes starving will make their life longer, but it’s surely not going to be better.

Nice read but expect tough pages in between. A lot of cell biology and immunology in it, which is quite difficult to grasp.

My rating is 3.5/5



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