Review One Million Followers by B. kane

Name-calling one million followers, how I built massive following in one month.

Author- Brendan Kane

Genre- self help

Pages- 235

This is a nice book for starters on social media. It systematically covers all relevant platforms except twitter and provides wisdom in simplified language.

Summary at end of chapters will do for impatient readers.

It uses success stories of social media and tells free as well as paid strategies to build long term followers and brand.

Insight into developing nations and Facebook are good but Instagram and YouTube are average writes. At end wisdom which we find in multiple texts is shared as a chapter repeating modern dictum of following your dreams.

Don’t get confused by the title, It’s not a magic book. It will help you to start with firm basic principles and solid guidelines but quality of content and collaboration, with mild paid advertising are cornerstone of growing organically.

Not if you are already a hotshot, but somebody new will learn a lot. A lot of blogs are there to provide similar or may be better advise on the topic of social media marketing.

My rating – 3/5

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