Review graphic novel – The Fire Story by Brian Finn

Author – Brian Fies

Publisher- Abrams books

Genre – Graphic novel

This graphic novel, peeps into aftermath of an unexpected disaster. When you run out of time and have too choose what to save for yourself as your house burns, it’s tough choice.

You risk to loose a lot of your personal history and your children’s history. Aftermath of disaster are even more painful with slow tedious recovery which is never back to your best times.But tough times glue families together and showcase helping each other through the storm.

Book has power to engage with simple illustrations and insight into various aspects of post disaster see emotions on face of characters. Original photos of site are also nice innovation.

However, shaded melting line diagrams inbetween might be a little letdown. Stories of other people ( Given as text) might be difficult to focus after few pages of simple cartoons. Overall, a good book about, how we behave when disasters strike.
My rating 3.5/5

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