Review ARC – The Book of Humans by Adam Rutherford

The Book Of Humans

Author – Adam Rutherford

Genre- Popular science, history

Publisher – Weidelfield and Nicolson

Pages- 233

This book does difficult work of making complex topics simpler and interesting at the same time, so that non technical reader may enjoy and learn a lot of things about our past and how it unfolded.

Book describes, latest reserch and scientific knowledge about how our genes and tools evolved us in most successfil species on the planet and why other mammals and ape cousins lagged way behind.

Book is engaging description of how humans used tools, language, teachings, fire and art to conquer the earth and how we became better than our cousin apes and all the mammals, who share many similar genetic features. Their is wonderful description of archeological sites around the world which, led to astonishing discoveries.

After a slow first chapter, book becomes rainbow of fabulous facts about us and animal kingdom. Chapters on sex life of man and animal kingdom is very good with details you will be surprised to know. Book dissects brains of man and other species in parallel. Illustrations that pop out at various points are pleasurable bonus. It also examines psychology of animal behaviour with examples from forest and zoo. It makes one to realise animals are more intelligent than one can imagine.

Thing which one may dislike is complex discussion of genes and genetics and too much Darwin. Also, description of abnormal sexual behaviours in animals may be distracting force for some readers.

Overall, a feast for science and non fiction lovers with a lot of new information but little complex nodes in between. Book may be little complex than sapiens, but has lot of information that you may have never come across.

Truly, book of humans.

Rating- 4/5

Thanks to publishers and author for Advance review copy provided for a honest review.


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