Review The Girl in Room 105

Review 6 – The girl in room 105

Author -Chetan Bhagat,

Publisher-Westland books,

304 pages,

Genre- thriller

A book is good, if it is enjoyable. CB ( Chetan Bhagat) has expertise in sprinkling humour over main theme of the story. At some points humour seems forced, but at other points reader will giggle.

This work is simple, engaging, tickling and full of interesting characters. Theme hovers around two amateur and accidetal detectives, who risk everything in search of truth. It keeps reader engaged and builds up nicely. Reader will like investigations and details of contemporary India.

Book touches complex political issues but only at surface and tries to stand free of controversy. Undertones have familiar sociopolitical struggles which come up and vanish, when story again takeover.

Immersed brand advertising is distraction and at one or two points story stagnates. Nobody wants undercover ads to pop out at places. And again come up after few pages.

Avid thriller readers might not get a kick out of it.😏 They will predict ending and will say few of details were imperfect. Characters are too typical and behave erratically at points to justify the storyline. Each clue appears too easily, for our protagonist to latch upon. And, surprisingly all characters in the book have increased libido.

overall, another typical Cb bestseller, which one can pickup anytime and enjoy.

Rating – 4/5 🍩🍩🍩🍩

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