Review. My Mute Girlfriend

Author – Himanshu Rai

Publisher – Shristhi publishers.


208 pages

This is work of fiction which focuses on love story of two engineering students who get trapped into deep turbulence in their life. Events unfold in such a way that they find themselves in situation, which demands great courage to get back on track.

This is a very simple read with very little strain on mind of the reader. Although you miss dose of humour, which India paperback authors like Chetan Bhagat provide.

Story is predictable throughout with college life depiction, which has already been tapped by many authors active in our times. So you tend to miss novelty at a lot of places.

But author has formatted the story in a meaningful way. Last one third of book has power to touch raw nerves of reader with emotions outpoured in abundance. Climax salvages the story which somehow appears too predictable.

Few of the acts by characters seem to be artificial and few like, entering school in night which is, somehow left open for anybody to visit and remember their old days. Also leaving family marriage event for evening stroll.

Author has been succesfull in evoking emotions which teens would like. Themes may seem familiar but last part gets better.

Overall nice book for romance genre fans.

Rating. 3/5

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