Review Dream chasers by Uta Schmidt

Author – Uta Schmidt

Advance review copy




This book by Uta Schmidt is, concise work which aims to deliver pearls of wisdom from the lives of 9 great leaders of our time and aims to provide wisdom for common beings, who are facing their own difficult curves of life.

Book is divided into nine chapters and uses interviews of leaders and their books to decipher, how they thrived in the times of personal disasters.
Book is easy to read, simple and enjoyable most of the time. Anybody who has interest in theology and biographies will like this one to read.

Parts describing Nelson Mandela, Andrew White, William Paul young and Desmond Tutu are best segments and are quite insightful and enjoyable.
Other parts are at points, slow and appear stretched and you tend to feel good again when chapters on Andrew white and Paul Young start.

Anybody with scientific mind might feel unattached to areas of book describing visions and callings. If you are looking for a pure self help book, this one has lots of theology in it.
Overall it’s a nice read with its own difficult pages, interspersed with very good parts.

In last author describes, what has to be learnt from great people and how we can apply their advice in our daily lives.

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Rating 3/5

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